Have you ever seen Rih live?

No. :’(

But look at what they tried to recreate tho

If the movie was done the right way and Diane was ready for a movie, I bet Diane would probably let the woman that she wanted to portray her daughter would even get to wear some of the original clothing. But nah, we’re stuck with this dollar store shit. 

——————————— oh my god this is so tragic


Black people can legit make up shit on the spot and make everyone else think it’s real slang.

Slope ass nigga.

Gloft bitch.

Blueberry Apple ipod pussy nigga.

Hatchback breath head ass.

My mama just dropped me off at the mall hairline having ass nigga.

a movie riddles with misinformation, exaggeration & lies

don’t forget DRAMA, hunty! Wendy Williams already said that was her mission.

Me too! It's set to be released Nov 15. And then Barry is doing his own movie for the theaters. Did you see the girl playing her in that movie? Aaliyah's titties werent that big. Smh. Shit is all the way fucked up. I hope Diane and Rashad start pullin niggas caps back blue.

Barry needs to go somewhere with his money hungry ass. casting that girl (or every other girl they had in mind) for Aaliyah is about as accurate as casting me to play Kelly Rowland in a Destiny’s Child movie. I swear they were just going for any light skin girl with long hair.

i've been saying from the beginning that if her mom and brother aren't involved then there's no point to making a movie....

I can already tell you how this movie is gonna go. 60% of whatever happened between her & R. Kelly, 5% of her career, 5% of her & Dame/her family, 30% of her death (prbly including those “arguments” before boarding the plane).

Get To Know: Rihanna

you ain't lying, i'm laughing so hard at this excuse for "biopic"

YO! did you see “Missy” & “Timbaland”? I can only imagine who they have for R. Kelly. some random bald black dude? I been saying from jump this movie is gonna be shit bc of the cast and how much they DON’T look like their characters, it’s like they didn’t even try. & everyone was telling me not to judge it simply based on that bc “they were able to make the girl from Biggie’s movie look just like Faith” (idk why everyone uses that excuse when a biopic is being released now -_-). I wanna see what the people who said that have to say now…


S C R E A M I N G !!!!!!!!!!!

lmao, I can’t even look at that picture the same way anymore. a recovered crackhead is all I see :(((

go to bed!!! lmfaoooo "neighborhood crackhead" She does look like Kim K. Smh I feel so sorry for the Haughton's. Shame.

I feel sorry for them too. I’m still hoping for something to pop up and get in the way of this movie being released. that picture alone just proved that the movie is gonna be bootyass (but we knew that tho)