Same here, same here. She was also going home bc she was going to record the More Than A Woman remix with Just Blaze and the VMAS was coming up (she was performing) so she was tired/had to rehearse and stuff. bitch!!!! I never even thought of a Never No More video fgdkegyauhuwgywuHGDUGHGYDGWYWGVEVYWHJWDJUEFDWHDWDWJGDWH that would have been everything. I would have been here for a Read Between The Lines and Messed Up video.

I’m about to cry thinking about all the things she had planned but never go to do! Omg. But BITCH imagine a Read Between The Lines video. Picture her grilling a nigga down, catching him in all his lies, and giving him so much attitude (which we know she can do, we all saw RMD). Especially around the 3rd verse! After she says “you wasted enough time” I picture her shooing him away with her hand and kicking his ass out the house. And at the end of the song when the beat is just playing, I picture her doing the same little dance she did at the end of the WNAR video while she was sitting down for some reason.

*rubs hands like birdman* I heard that too! I mean… I don’t believe it but its possible bc Barry is evil, lets face it. But the crazy thing is they skipped the weighing process of the plane in Miami when she was going to the Bahamas! Both times. It leads me to believe that the pilot probably didn’t even know it was overweight. Because why would a pilot… nvm bc that pilot wasn’t shit. He wasn’t even authorized to fly that plane and his license was suspended and he had traces of alcohol and cocaine in his system. Lowkey fishy shit, tbh. Her death never added up to me. Not in a conspiracy type of way but it was just weird as hell. Her family/friends was usually with her but Diane had surgery, Her dad had fell ill around that time, I forgot what Shad was doing and Dame had court/his son had a baseball game but they both ended up canceled (bc he was going to go)

Anyways, I never heard that. I know that Loose Rap was suppose to be the first single but it somehow change to We Need A Resolution? It’s weird because it seems like she didn’t even want that song as a first single. She didn’t promote or perform that song. She just skipped right ahead to promoting/performing More Than A Woman. Barry wanted the video done so they could release it before summer ended because it is/was a summer song. I heard that I Care 4 U was eventually going to be released as a single though. I heard I Can Be was also, too. 

——————————- It pisses me off bc her death was so avoidable! And people love to blame her for her own death bc she wanted to go home on that day instead of waiting until the next day to leave with the rest of the crew. But tbh, Barry being behind this shit really wouldn’t surprise me if it was true. I heard he’s done some shady shit to other artists as well. I agree with you tho, nothing about her death adds up. But anyways, I secretly wish Never No More would have been a single bc of how I imagine the video and all the great acting that would have been in it but that’s just me. 👀

Any waldrobe malfunctions while filiming a video? 

B: In my “Crazy In Love” video I was dancing so hard that my whole dress completely fell off in front of all these men. (Cosmopolitan, 2006)

K, nvm I’m getting a ride there. I don’t have to go into hibernation just yet.😊

  • Me: ain't nobody tell you to do that tho





Cold shit! Designer Michael Costello literally bought and sold my girl’s design as his own! Giving no credit at all smh like how did you not think this would come to light LOL because she doesn’t have 100k+ followers? Help expose this snake!

Its so hard for these up & coming designers out here. I’m glad she spoke up on it.

Damn def not a fan anymore